Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are leaving here from Marc and Melodie's tomorrow morning at 6:00am. Even though we did not previously plan to drive straight through on the way home, we are going after all. We are going to try our best to make it home for the funeral of our dear friend, Bob Johnstone. Please pray for us as we travel. We will be tired. From where we are right now we have about a 35 hour drive. We should be to the border tomorrow morning by 9:30-10:00. We will repack everything into our car and continue on our way home.

I am happy to say that we completed everything that was on our to-do list while here in Mexico plus some extra things. We thank the Lord for His help and strength. There were lots of things to do. So glad we were able to get them all done.

Again, please just pray for us during the rest of this week as we travel - and please pray for the Johnstone family in their loss.
While we were at the border during Hurricane Alex, we were able to go over and see where Nathan used to live as a child. They would stay here when the made trips to the border. It was really neat getting to see this area.
This is the little road taking you back to their house. The memories were just pouring from Nathan. Very cool experience.

This was Nathan's "home".

This house belonged to Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy Davis.
This is where Uncle Sam and Aunt Nancy live.
It's neat for me to be able to know now what they are talking about when they are reminiscing.
Last night we had supper at Leti's house. She served Discada. This is something that is made for weddings or for graduations. It takes a lot of effort to cut everything up this small and there are a lot of ingredients. It was delicious. We had a great time there. This is one of Nathan's "big sisters" from the Orphanage in Villa Mainero where his family worked during his childhood.
Her oldest child, Eduardo. She also has 3 daughters.
Leti, Nathan and Chelo. What a wonderful time visiting.
Here in Saltillo, the pastor's wife has her washing machine on the roof of her house. On a sunny day is totally fine, but when it rains she gets wet as well as all of her laundry area. Nathan built this roof area over that area so that she won't get wet any more. She is so thankful.

She had also asked that Nathan would make her a tortilla press. She has one that is really big but she really needed one to be a little smaller. He followed the pattern of the bigger one. I think he needs to make me one of these. 8-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I was so happy to get to be involved in the Ladies Meeting/Scrapbook Class here in Saltillo. It was so fun. This is such a great thing to help these ladies be involved with. If you have donated anything to this ministry, please know that it is a great blessing to these ladies. They love every piece of paper and every sticker.

Melodie and I put together a snack to share at the end of the class.

Very good butterscotch cake.

I did a very simple layout demonstration for the ladies at the beginning of the class. We made a small contest for them to be involved in. The really seemed to enjoy that - and they loved the prizes that they won. 8-) Who doesn't love winning a prize?!?!

Hna. Silvia

Hna. Felicitas

Hna. Teresa





Hna. Anna

Hna. Manuela


They really enjoyed the snack.

I so enjoyed this night. 8-) Been a very long time since I have gotten to scrapbook.
We have now finished this project that was here in Saltillo. The pastor here had asked that 2 tables and 7 benches be made -- the ones that they were using were very old and had been used for years. He was also going to take some of them to another church that he was visiting. Nathan enjoyed building something different like this.

There were some leftover scraps so he made a shelf for one of the Sunday School classrooms.

The kids had fun playing with the little scraps.

Treyton, Jahziel and Logan - these three have so much fun together. This was a little stool they made together.

Kenya, Christy and Jada. Wonder how many hands you can get in this bucket. 8-)

Marlene is such a sweetie. Here she was making what she wanted to make...

...and here it is. She nailed this up on the concrete wall outside where we live. How sweet. Her and Jada are really good friends. Marlene understands a few words of English - makes it easier for both of them.

There are a couple of other new projects that have become really important with all the rain from Alex. We are hoping to get these 2 projects done as well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We got to the fireworks celebration early to get a parking place. When we got there we saw that a nearby church was having a fun day and so we walked over there to get in on the fun. The kids all loved it.

Nathan and Jordan. This was hilarious.

The game-plan. 8-)

Treyton (red) and Jackson (blue)

Jada (red) - she didn't seem to mind at all that this kid was 2 times her size. Yikes.

After the fun at the church, it was time for fireworks. They were beautiful.

All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood came on and so Jada and Daddy had a moment. Sniff, Sniff.

We simply could not be more proud of our husbands. They were the trombone and cymbal section for the McAllen Fireworks this year. They did a fabulous job. And they look so cool while doing it.

Actually, I guess they have several "sections" that they were part of. Melodie and I were so glad it was dark and that only a few people could see us.

Marc playing the air guitar.

As a side note: I am well aware of how frustrating it is to live in a country where bad choices are being made for us and how it seems like we have no say in what is going on and all of that... However, when you start to get too down on the US, you come stay here where I am for a month. It will make you eternally grateful for the great United States of America. ( of my soapbox) Hope you all had a great 4th of July.